Israel's Night Time Voice Weight Loss Store is the weight loss division of  EMG Studios.

We produce (what we believe, are) the most powerful guided hypnosis and habit changing CDs on the planet. These products WORK!


The subconscious mind is the habit mind. It is the part of the mind that does NOT want to change habits easily or without effort.  It is like something I read recently, that once we learned how to walk (normally around 2 years old) we almost never have to relearn how to walk. We can thank the subconscious mind for that feat. Have you ever wondered how that actually happened? We actually downloaded the HABIT of walking! Our subconscious mind learned it so well that without thinking of it we just rinse and repeat each time we put one foot in front of the other. But do you know that it is the same with negative beliefs, especially those surrounding food habits?


So now, our issue becomes how to rewire or reprogram our subconscious mind with a new program to create a new habit and to change our beliefs about food and ourselves because actually it’s not always WHAT you are eating but WHAT IS EATING YOU.  And the #1 way of doing this is through hypnosis and guided meditation.

This is what I learned and now has come to know; If you put earphones on as you go to bed and hear a program, it’s not going into the conscious mind, but it’s going straight into subconscious mind and can reprogram it. How do you get new programs to replace all of the old ones? Repetition and practice! Anything you needed to learn, you must repeat it and repeat it to create a habit. So if you want to change a plethora of bad food habits, that are not supporting you, you have to engage a habit that does support you.


And that is where our MIND SHIFTING PRODUCTS come in. You cannot listen to these programs and NOT begin to change your eating habits and begin dropping the pounds. Give it a try and see for yourself!


Israel E. Knight

"The Voice of Weight Loss"


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