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Collection: Lose Weight With Walking And Meditation

The "WALKING REJUVENATION" guided meditation for weight loss has to be our most "gently intense" guided meditation for weight loss. Two things make it so; First, this is our only CD with a guided meditation that includes exercise. You literally hear the foot steps and it is a great guided meditation for walking.

Secondly, this guided meditation for weight loss CD, is THE ONE that goes a bit deeper in helping you move beyond, not only what you are eating but WHAT IS EATING YOU. In the EXTENDED SAMPLE MEDITATION below is a sample of one of the most requested guided meditations for doing just that; "Release What Is Eating You." It is set to the most beautiful music and is a powerful aid to those who have had many emotional struggles with food. You can't work with this guided meditation CD (walking or not) and not be transformed. It won't be long before you notice not only are you losing weight but you are losing the mental and emotional baggage that have kept the weight on for years!


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WALKING REJUVENATION (Subconscious Success Audio Programming For Walking, Losing Weight & Core Conditioning)
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