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About Us

For over a decade now, the Subconscious Success Audio Programming Products of The Ambitious Mind Network (www.theambitiousmind.comyou find here have empowered people globally and helped them achieve a variety or personal goals. More and more people are realizing that we create our own reality; within us is the ability to change anything in our life, world and affairs when we shift our mental thoughts and perceptions about it. This has been our message from day one, and it works!

2012 was the year we decided to take those same principles and apply them to weight loss. Most people had no idea the amazing results that could be experienced by focusing the mind toward changing eating habits.We had already published powerful life-changing guided meditation works such as; "Gravitational Visualization (For Achieving Your Goals) "Manifest NOW" "Creating Your New World" & "The Power of Concentration" all which became favorites and was producing an avalanche of mail praising their effectiveness. We then began to research to discover what were the principle issues people were struggling with that made weight loss so difficult? And as always we discovered that the majority of the issues had to do with behaviors, yes, but those unwanted behaviors were the by-products of their THINKING AND THE MENTAL IMAGES they held about weight.

It was then that we created our first WEIGHT LOSS SUBCONSCIOUS SUCCESS AUDIO PROGRAMMING CD which was ONE TRACK given out at a workshop; it was called, "RELEASE WHAT IS EATING YOU!" And that broke all of our previous records in CD sales! The testimonies came and it took off like wild fire!

Since then we have created the MY WINNING BODY BRAND FEATURING, "THE VOICE OF WEIGHT LOSS" to only focus on helping people RELEASE THE UNWANTED POUNDS that have kept them in misery for years. But a strange thing happened; it was not just those who wanted to release large amounts of weight that were benefiting from our guided meditations for weight loss, we also saw a huge rise in those who just wanted to release ten pounds or less but were challenged because of time and schedule. There were models who needed to do a job in three weeks and they wanted to focus on losing  5, 10, 12 pounds, fast, BUT SAFE AND SSAP FOR WEIGHT LOSS WAS RIGHT THERE TO HELP!

About Israel, simply known as "THE VOICE OF SUCCESS/WEIGHT LOSS."

Israel "THE VOICE" is a most powerful and enchanting voice. Listen to the sample on this site and you can surely feel that. He is a spiritual teacher, lecturer, counselor and motivational speaker that has helped hundreds reach all kinds of personal goals in their life. His care for the human soul and human struggle IS WHAT YOU HEAR when you listen and it is what people respond to the most.

But this is about you today. Have you tried and failed many times at releasing weight? Have you tried all the shakes and pills and stomach bands out there? You don't have to any longer. Le't's simply change your mind about it all. 

EACH CD was recorded in our own state of the art studio and mastered by one of the best music mastering houses. The beautiful orchestrations along with the "THE VOICE " will keep you listening again and again, while getting closer and closer to your weight loss goals.

The beauty of it all is we are not talking about you spending loads of money, because you don't have to. Invest in ANY of our Subconscious Success Audio Programming CDs for weight loss; you will be forever glad you did because you will have finally found something that really works!

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